Monthly Report #5

Good to see you here,

This month was my 5th month working ALMOST everyday at Ponylife. Even considering the improvements and a lot of work I’ve done so far, it’s a very huge project. I need to keep everything well organized or I get lost (now I’m using Asana to keep track of items releases and functions and it’s working fine as it’s a calendar project management).

For now I’m basically just working at admin side. Improving User-Interaction to management items, NPCs, locations, etc. It’s important that the admin system be fast and easy to use, so the games updates will be easier.


Some improvement I’ve made this month was with digital art technique that I’ve used in some items. Here is an example of new version of them, the older version (top 3) was faded and hard to see, now items are more crispy and clear.


I take about 10 days of vacation this month too, so I lost some days. But a huge improvement was the new game logo (which I loved, by the way). My last attempt to create Ponylife logo was in 2009 in my Conclusion Design Project at University (which was these game-design, yeah, old hobbie).

I’m in love with it, I hope you liked it too. Soon I’ll be releasing a Facebook Page if you would like to follow games news. Thanks for reading.

Monthly Report #3


This month I’ve worked a lot in programming, admin system, and user-interface panels. One nice improvement was create a Version System to help me management items releases and news at game.


Nothing visual yet, but I’ve defined 10 skills levels in game design and how item quality will be specified and XP involved.

Lvl 1 : Beginner
Lvl 2 : Novice
Lvl 3 : Pupil
Lvl 4 : Amateur
Lvl 5 : Professional
Lvl 6 : Specialist
Lvl 7 : Expert
Lvl 8 : Instructor
Lvl 9 : Master
Lvl 10 : Supreme


This featured probably will be released in the future, but it was necessary make some studies about it to create the management system for villagers (NPCs). Players could find villagers and talk with them, asking pre-defined questions and getting new information about world and ponies.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

Monthly Report #2

Welcome back!

This month I’ve tried new draws for Ponies, but as they really bad (to not say other thing), I’ll keep them hidden for now ;D

In technical I am testing some modal windows to show items information, new images are saving at server with specific names, and more admin functions like: merge different images into one to item management.

Needs Bar

Ponies will have Needs Bars to keep them healthy and happy. Here is a pre-design of them in-game. In top-down order: Joy, Healthy, Hungry, Thirsty, Beauty and Cleanly. Each one of them will be influenced by world changes and ponies activities.


Recipes are specific items that can create other complex items. They have a list of ingredients and tools needed to be completed and are harder to find them other items. Here I make some basic art test for Culinary Recipes types.






Thank you for reading.

Monthly Report #1

Hello! Welcome to the Ponylife devblog.

I’ve created this blog to show and keep track of my progress in developing Ponylife. Click here to see the Game Features.

As my Art’s Skill are not very good yet (my last attempt to draw something was in Design college like 10 years ago), I don’t have so much art to show you for now. This month I’ve being studying some isometric art style, and researching CSS techniques to present isometric shapes. I’ve worked in some other technical tasks, like admin system, database structure and others programming functionalities.


I’ve defined world magic elements and colors, and their influence in each month of the year. World calendar will work as real world, with 12 months, with same days numbers and seasons (of north hemisphere) to simplify usability and memorize.


I have some ideas for Game Art Style, but I didn’t test them until now. We some style studies, perspective and size, I get into this defined art style.

Thank you for stopping by.