Monthly Report #5

Good to see you here,

This month was my 5th month working ALMOST everyday at Ponylife. Even considering the improvements and a lot of work I’ve done so far, it’s a very huge project. I need to keep everything well organized or I get lost (now I’m using Asana to keep track of items releases and functions and it’s working fine as it’s a calendar project management).

For now I’m basically just working at admin side. Improving User-Interaction to management items, NPCs, locations, etc. It’s important that the admin system be fast and easy to use, so the games updates will be easier.


Some improvement I’ve made this month was with digital art technique that I’ve used in some items. Here is an example of new version of them, the older version (top 3) was faded and hard to see, now items are more crispy and clear.


I take about 10 days of vacation this month too, so I lost some days. But a huge improvement was the new game logo (which I loved, by the way). My last attempt to create Ponylife logo was in 2009 in my Conclusion Design Project at University (which was these game-design, yeah, old hobbie).

I’m in love with it, I hope you liked it too. Soon I’ll be releasing a Facebook Page if you would like to follow games news. Thanks for reading.