Monthly Report #2

Welcome back!

This month I’ve tried new draws for Ponies, but as they really bad (to not say other thing), I’ll keep them hidden for now ;D

In technical I am testing some modal windows to show items information, new images are saving at server with specific names, and more admin functions like: merge different images into one to item management.

Needs Bar

Ponies will have Needs Bars to keep them healthy and happy. Here is a pre-design of them in-game. In top-down order: Joy, Healthy, Hungry, Thirsty, Beauty and Cleanly. Each one of them will be influenced by world changes and ponies activities.


Recipes are specific items that can create other complex items. They have a list of ingredients and tools needed to be completed and are harder to find them other items. Here I make some basic art test for Culinary Recipes types.






Thank you for reading.