Monthly Report #4


This month I worked in some security issues in server folders, and improved the admin system a lot. Admins dashboards could take triple time than front-end website, as we need to add, edit, remove and other actions should be implemented in all items of the game.

Artistically, I’ve tried some icons for Needs, Months, Skills and Badges, but they’re not good yet, so I’ll keep them hidden for now 😛

I’ve made an improvement in admin and game basic interface, and start to implement admin with AJAX functionalities. So, no pictures this time, sorry.

Thanks for reading.

Monthly Report #3


This month I’ve worked a lot in programming, admin system, and user-interface panels. One nice improvement was create a Version System to help me management items releases and news at game.


Nothing visual yet, but I’ve defined 10 skills levels in game design and how item quality will be specified and XP involved.

Lvl 1 : Beginner
Lvl 2 : Novice
Lvl 3 : Pupil
Lvl 4 : Amateur
Lvl 5 : Professional
Lvl 6 : Specialist
Lvl 7 : Expert
Lvl 8 : Instructor
Lvl 9 : Master
Lvl 10 : Supreme


This featured probably will be released in the future, but it was necessary make some studies about it to create the management system for villagers (NPCs). Players could find villagers and talk with them, asking pre-defined questions and getting new information about world and ponies.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.