Monthly Report #4


This month I worked in some security issues in server folders, and improved the admin system a lot. Admins dashboards could take triple time than front-end website, as we need to add, edit, remove and other actions should be implemented in all items of the game.

Artistically, I’ve tried some icons for Needs, Months, Skills and Badges, but they’re not good yet, so I’ll keep them hidden for now 😛

I’ve made an improvement in admin and game basic interface, and start to implement admin with AJAX functionalities. So, no pictures this time, sorry.

Thanks for reading.

Monthly Report #1

Hello! Welcome to the Ponylife devblog.

I’ve created this blog to show and keep track of my progress in developing Ponylife. Click here to see the Game Features.

As my Art’s Skill are not very good yet (my last attempt to draw something was in Design college like 10 years ago), I don’t have so much art to show you for now. This month I’ve being studying some isometric art style, and researching CSS techniques to present isometric shapes. I’ve worked in some other technical tasks, like admin system, database structure and others programming functionalities.


I’ve defined world magic elements and colors, and their influence in each month of the year. World calendar will work as real world, with 12 months, with same days numbers and seasons (of north hemisphere) to simplify usability and memorize.


I have some ideas for Game Art Style, but I didn’t test them until now. We some style studies, perspective and size, I get into this defined art style.

Thank you for stopping by.